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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Choking Incident

The Miami Herald reports:

After a 13-year-old autistic child wet his pants while riding on a Broward school bus, the bus attendant — whose job is to assist special-needs students — responded by choking the boy.
The incident, which lasted roughly 45 minutes, was captured by the school bus surveillance camera. Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies this week arrested bus attendant Darryl Blue, 48, on one count of aggravated child abuse. The bus driver who nonchalantly continued on her route, even as the boy screamed in pain, had not been charged Friday.
Neither Blue nor the bus driver have been fired by the school district, though both have been reassigned to “a position away from students,” said Broward school district spokeswoman Marsy Smith. The district is conducting an internal investigation before taking further action.
Blue has worked for the district on and off since 2000, while the driver is a recent hire still in the probationary phase of her employment.
BSO released the surveillance video Friday afternoon.
Unfortunately, there have been similar cases, which is why parents of special-needs kids support video surveillance.

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