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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Video on Abuse in School

The Huffington Post reports:
Nancy Redd hosted a segment on HuffPost Live exploring autism today and how we can better educate the public as well as educators on issues surrounding autism.
Redd spoke with Stuart Chalfetz, [sic: the name is Chaifetz] a father and autism activist in Cherry Hill, NJ, about how schools can better serve autistic children. After seeing his autistic son's behavior begin to change, Chalfetz taped a recording device to him to find out how he was being treated at school. What he found out was astounding.
"His teacher and aides had been verbally abusing him and bullying him," Chalfetz said. "And one of the reasons I believe they did it and said some of the things that they did was because they probably thought that no one would ever find out."