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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Case of Abuse

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on a case involving restraint and abuse:

A Bedford County school bus driver and her assistant repeatedly physically abused an 11-year-old autistic student, causing him lasting emotional harm and physical injuries, a suit seeking $20 million alleges.

In graphic videos taken by a surveillance camera on a Bedford County school bus, the driver or her assistant can be seen hitting the frightened student with a fly swatter as well as kicking, choking and beating him with their hands.

The student, whose autism left him barely able to speak, was strapped with double harnesses to his seat. He appears to be crying in anguish and at times flails out with his arms and legs trying to stop his assailants or strike them back.

The video footage was secured by attorneys representing single parent Thomas E. Kilpatrick of Bedford, whose son, Timothy, was the target of the attacks. The incidents occurred in September 2009 and were eventually documented in surveillance videos confiscated by police.

Here is the video: