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Monday, July 19, 2021

Half of Rejectors Think Vaccines Cause Autism

 In The Politics of Autism, I analyze the discredited notion that vaccines cause autism. This bogus idea can hurt people by allowing diseases to spread  And among those diseases could be COVID-19.

 Kathy Frankovic at YouGov:

The skepticism about the threats posed by the coronavirus is clear among vaccine rejectors. While more than one in four of those fully vaccinated believe the dangers of COVID-19 were exaggerated for political reasons, three times as many vaccine rejectors say that is the case. Since most in this group (83%) have little or no worry about their risks of contracting COVID-19 (with a majority not worried at all), the belief that its dangers have been exaggerated is not surprising. Less than one in ten of the vaccine rejectors trust medical advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci, and only one in five trusts the Centers for Disease Control.

Those who reject vaccinations believe two negative theories about the effects of COVID-19 vaccines: half think it is likely that vaccines in general cause autism and that this vaccine in particular is being used by the government to microchip the population. Most Americans reject these theories, but only minorities of those who oppose their vaccinations do. Nearly one in three say they aren’t sure what to believe.