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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Action Item from Regional Center

 In The Politics of Autism, I discuss services for people with disabilities.

Regional centers are private nonprofits that contract with Califorinia's Department of Developmental Services to coordinate or provide services for people with developmental disabilities. The 21 regional centers help disabled people and their families help find and accessvariety of services.

Email rom the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center:

TAKE ACTION - Call Governor Newsom's Office and Ask Him to Support the Regional Center Service Coordination Funding Request

Help us support our California Legislature!

We need Governor Newsom to support and strengthen services and supports for people with developmental disabilities.

The California Legislature heard our voices and they reached a legislative agreement that our system needs:
  • 921 service coordinators
  • Rate increases for our service providers
  • Lifting the suspension on non-medical therapies, social recreational services and camp
Please call Governor Newsom's office and say:
"I would like the Governor to please support the regional center service coordination funding request and implementation of the Burns and Associates Rate Study, and lifting the suspension on low-cost high-value services."
How do you do this?

It's easy! Call TODAY!
  1.   Call 916.445.2841
  2.   Dial 1 for English
  3.   Dial 6 to transfer to a representative
  4.   Dial 3 for option to leave a message, opinion or request.