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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Antivax Moms in a California Race

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism.  

Democrats got a supermajority in the California State Assembly by defeating incumbent Republican Young Kim, the only Republican in the chamber who supported SB 277 on mandatory vaccination. John Seiler writes at Fox and Hounds:

On Nov. 8, Kim got 46.8% of the vote, losing to Sharon Quirk-Silva, who got 53.2%. That was about the opposite of the vote two years ago, when Kim won with 54.6% to Quirk-Silva’s 45.4%, and became a rising star in the party.
“I’d like to think we helped to defeat Kim,” Stefanie Fetzer told me; she’s one of the leaders of the Moms against the mandatory vaccines. “We did a few things to educate voters on her stand against parental rights.” She said about 50 Moms were active in the anti-Kim effort, with 7,000 Moms active statewide in the general effort against SB277.