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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Effort to Bring Down CA Vaccine Law

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss anti-vaccine activism.

Jeremy B. White reports at The Sacramento Bee: that opponents of Senate Bill 277, the California vaccine law, are trying to get enough signatures for a referendum to overturn it.
Qualifying a referendum for California’s statewide ballot is difficult, and few supporters of SB 277 believe referendum backers have the resources to collect 365,880 signatures by Sept. 28...
Former gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly is helping lead the effort. Donnelly says that organizers are getting help form chiropractors and churches.
Both make natural allies. During the SB 277 fight, the California Chiropractic Association offered opponents the sole source of institutional support, seeking to counter formidable groups like the California Medical Association by testifying against the bill, collecting donations and lining up witnesses in opposition.
Now chiropractic offices across the state have agreed to help distribute petitions. About 700 different offices are participating, said San Diego chiropractor and organizer Jennifer Lovern.
“Our clientele tend to be naturalistic. They look at health in a more holistic way rather than just running to Kaiser to get a prescription,” Lovern said. “It’s kind of a no-brainer to have the petitions in that type of office.”
Eliminating California’s personal belief exemption will also prevent parents from skipping vaccines for religious reasons, making California one of just three states to do so. While few organized religions explicitly bar vaccines, opposition to SB 277 has resonated with faith groups around the state, with places of worship also becoming signature-gathering centers.
Chiropractors are not physicians.  Some of them peddle quack autism cures. 

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