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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autism and Canadian Politics

The Politics of Autism is primarily about the United States, but autism is a concern in every country.

The CBC reports that autism is an issue in the Canadian elections.
"This is a really important issue that touches many, many families across the country with a prevalence rate of one in 68," [Actually a US number: no separate estimates are available for Canada.] Shannon Hill, president of Parent Advocates for Autism Treatment in Saskatchewan, told CBC News Saturday. "We know there're so many families that are affected by this and it would be good to know our candidates opinions on this going into the election."

Hill said she was hoping candidates in the election campaign would respond to the group's questions about autism and, while some politicians provided detailed answers, not everyone did.

The group noted that the Conservative government earmarked $2 million in the 2015 budget for a new Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group to develop a plan for a Canadian Autism Partnership.


Her group is also lobbying the provincial government for more support.

"Our group is lobbying the Saskatchewan government to provide us with individualized funding," she said, noting that B.C. has a system that provides direct support to families.