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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Canadian Parents Give Up Son to Government

CBC reports:
Unable to get enough help from social services, an Ottawa family says they had no choice but to leave their son — who is living with severe developmental delays — in the hands of the government.
Amanda Telford said she brought her 19-year-old son Phillip to a provincial developmental services office on Tuesday and left him there.
Telford said she’s asked for help from both provincial and Ottawa city agencies, as well as her local member of Parliament and member of the Ontario legislature.
She said the response has been there’s no room for Phillip in the over-burdened, under-funded social system.
"My husband and I are absolutely exhausted and medically unwell,” she said. “I am not able to do this anymore."
Autism Ontario caseworker Anne Borbey-Schwartz said the Telford’s situation is not unique. There has been a rise in the number of developmentally delayed adults with autism.