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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A College Transition Program

Though we have scant data, it appears that more and more ASD people are going to collegeAP is carrying a story from Bloomington's Herald Times.  It describes the College Internship Program.
CIP worldwide is a comprehensive postsecondary support program for young adults on the autism spectrum and with other learning differences, according to the organization’s website. Karen Thomas, program director of CIP Bloomington, said the program offers 24-hour-a-day support as students make the transition into adult life.
Students can pursue degrees at Ivy Tech or Indiana University while receiving support and direction from CIP’s academic support team. CIP’s career department helps students with their resumes and finding an internship. Many of the students start out living in the Smallwood apartments located above the center. Independent living support offered for students in the apartments includes menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, assistance with time management and organization.
“We look at it as a transition program,” Thomas said. “It’s the first time these students have been away from home, and they feel really overwhelmed.”