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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Autism and Tech Employment

In Palm Beach, Florida, WPTV reports:
A marriage of software giant SAP and tech workers on the autism spectrum, SAP just launched a program it calls “Autism at Work.”
“One of the reasons we’re looking at people on the spectrum is they bring abilities we may not have. In order for us to accommodate some of the challenges, we have to provide a different platform,” said SAP’s Jose Velasco.
With the first group of employees in the program preparing for their first day at SAP, the company is also turning to outside experts for advice.
“The challenge for a lot of people is social interaction. They’re just as smart as other people in the workforce, but they may not enjoy the eye contact and face-to-face, interaction,” said Dr. Rosalind Picard, MIT Director of Autism Technology.