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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Situation Zane

At The New York Daily News, Jared McAllister writes about autism mom Rosanne Small-Morgan of Hempstead.
The St. Vincent-born mom’s “Situation Zane - Autism who Knew?” is her latest venture in an effort to gain needed respect for the families and individuals living with this disorder.
“People get really heavy with their books sometimes,” she said about some other publications on autism. “I intentionally made it an easy read,” she said of the book, published in September by the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
"He’s a big supporter of our son. In the book, he wrote a piece as well,”Small-Morgan said of her husband, noting that too often men abandon women with autistic children.
“He (my husband) is very much a proponent of men sticking it out and supporting.”“I wanted the parents to know they are not alone. We can help each other along this journey,” said Small-Morgan, who is a consumer advocate for an energy company. She gets continual help from her Jamaica-born husband, Chris, a senior computer systems engineer, who contributed to the book and is a steadfast advocate for his son and his disorder.
And there’s more. The couple has joined with Jamaica-born Long Island-based pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Sophia Francis-Stewart of the Brookville, L.I.-based Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism and applied behavioral analysis therapists Ruth Allen and Ruykia Jeffers form the not-for-profit group “Autism, Who Knew?
“The objective is to educate, support and give services to people in the Latino, Caribbean and minority communities,” said Small-Morgan .