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Monday, November 25, 2013

Autism, Insurance, and a Wheel of Fortune

Many posts have discussed the complexity of the issues surrounding autism.  The complexity lies not just in the science but in the implementation of policyAt Autism Speaks, Lorri Unumb presents a visual aid:
I began preparations to discuss our advocacy agenda a month ago, when I woke up from a dream with a vision for how to visually demonstrate the situation that autism families face when trying to access treatment for their loved ones. I dreamed a big spinning wheel – no, two wheels – that would show the game of chance families must play to determine if they can afford the care recommended by their doctors. I asked my husband if he could construct a large, standing, double Wheel of Fortune. Bless his heart – my husband did not say “no,” but during the course of the conversation we realized that some outfit might actually manufacture such wheels. We set to work designing a double-wheel that would show the 50 states on the big outer wheel and the various types of health insurance on the inner wheel. Only if you’re lucky enough while spinning both wheels do you get coverage for the treatments your child needs. Is that any way to dole out health care??? I look forward to bringing the wheel around the country in pursuit of meaningful autism insurance reform. (Let me know if your legislators still need to be educated about the autism health care lottery!)

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