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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Autism and the Military

Susan Moffitt writes at Autism Key:

Recent statistics indicate that one in eighty-eight children of active duty service members are affected by autism and less than ten percent of these children are receiving the care and attention they so need and deserve. Military insurance or TRICARE, currently has an overabundance of red tape that takes months and even years to negotiate — precious time lost in the quest for early intervention. And existing ABA coverage is capped at half the number of recommended hours of treatment per week.

The Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act seeks to rectify this situation by eliminating this cap and streamlining access to services. It also extends autism services to dependents of military retirees.

Congressmen John Larson (CT) and Walter Jones (NC) introduced the bill in June after a grassroots effort by wives of servicemen brought this crisis to the attention of Congress. These staunch advocates point out that challenges of autism, coupled with the lack of access and cost of treatment, can push their families to the edge. After years of active duty, no one wants to tell their spouse they can’t retire and must return to the war zone in order to pay for their child’s autism treatment.

To find out how you can support the Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act go to

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