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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More on the Seattle Ad Controversy

KCPQ reports on the controversy about a Seattle bus ad that called for wiping out autism:

"Autism is a lifelong disability for us to adapt to, not a medical infection to be overcome with some kind of 'cure,'" said Matt Young, an autistic man who wrote a blog drawing attention to the ad. "Please remember this when creating ads that refer to autism, or when speaking publicly about autism. It is not okay to talk about autism as a purely negative thing to be eliminated or wiped out. Remember, when you talk about autism, you're not talking about a faceless, mindless disease, you're talking about autistic people."
KIRO Radio host Luke Burbank acknowledges this is a sensitive subject that impacts many people, but he believes work to eradicate autism can still be conducted while supporting those in the autistic community.
"It's a little weird to act as if seeking an end to autism is somehow hurtful towards people who currently have autism. I think you can both provide help to, and love, and support, and treat as equals people with autism, and recognize that it is a syndrome that has a very negative impact on the lives of a lot of people."
"There are people who grow into adulthood and are completely unable to function in this world, and I think the idea that that's just like, 'Hey, that is just them doing them,' that's their journey. I don't find that argument very convincing."