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Friday, March 22, 2013

News Article Slants Against ABA

For some reason, Minnesota newspapers seem to have a bias against ABA.  In an article titled
"Minnesota Senate Panel OKs Disputed Autism Treatment Coverage Mandate," The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports:
A state Senate committee voted Friday, March 22, to approve a bill that would mandate insurance coverage for an expensive and controversial form of autism therapy.
The bill, sponsored by Sen. Chris Eaton, DFL-Brooklyn Center, next goes to a finance committee, where senators will more directly consider the cost of the mandate.
The treatment is known as early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI). It can include 40 hours per week of therapy at an annual cost of about $57,000.
One version is known as "Lovaas therapy," which is named for a California doctor [sic: Lovaas was a psychologist, not a physician.] who developed the treatment approach to autism spectrum disorder in the 1980s [actually, he started in the 1960s]
During a hearing Friday in the Senate Health, Human Services and Housing Committee, supporters credited the rigorous therapy with helping children recover from autism.
"This crucial insurance coverage will provide individuals with life-transforming therapies that enable individuals to reach their full potential, and ultimately will enable many to live independent lives," said Kara Redding of Maple Grove, whose son Jack has been helped by treatment.
But critics argue that scientific evidence showing the superiority of the treatment is lacking. Insurers say they cover other effective autism therapies.