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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Young Advocate in Minnesota

In Minnesota, Sue Austreng of ABC Newspapers reports on Kari and Ryan Hadley, whose son Hunter has benefited from state funding of ABA.  That funding is now in jeopardy.
So Kari and Ryan brought Hunter along when they visited the state Capitol Feb. 28.
On that day – and on every Tuesday during the 2012 legislative session – families affected by autism partner with the Autism Advocacy and Law Center as they join forces with the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities to meet with legislators, share their stories and plead for continued coverage for autism in the state’s healthcare budget.
Hunter spoke to legislators Feb. 28, telling them, “Thank you for allowing me to have ABA therapy. Without therapy I would not be able to tell my mom and dad I love them.”
“He was so brave and we are so proud of him,” Kari said. “We just want other kids to be able to have ABA, too, if they need it. It really does help. And we couldn’t have done it without state funding.”
Hunter’s mom put the need for continued ABA coverage this way, “That’s why we’re asking the legislature to continue funding this therapy,” Kari said. “They can spend a little money now (to provide the therapy) or they can take care of these kids for life.”