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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Autism Speaks Urges ABLE Action

From Autism Speaks:
Congress leaves Friday for its summer recess, yet many members--particularly in the Senate--have yet to sign on to the ABLE bill which would give families raising kids with disabilities the chance to save tax-free for their future. In fact, if you live in one of the white states, neither of your two Senators has yet to co-sponsor ABLE, the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act. If you live in a yellow state, one of your Senators still needs to sign on in support. Only five states --in green--have the support of both Senators. In the House of Representatives, more than half the members have yet to sign on in support. Are you going to allow your members of Congress to leave town without signing on to ABLE? Urge them to cosponsor S.1872 if they serve in the Senate and HR.3423 if they serve in the House.