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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Helping Disabled People Get Licenses

WBZ-TV's Penny Kmitt:
There's a non-profit north of Boston that's helping students of all abilities get their driver's licenses in Massachusetts.

The Northeast Independent Living Program (NILP) in Lawrence provides services to people with disabilities who want to live independently.

"We're just really out there to try to help consumers live independent lives. It can be as small as tying their shoes or as big as getting their license," said NILP's Youth Services Program Manager Steven Michelson.

NILP is hosting a Massachusetts Driver's Manual Training Program during February vacation. From Tuesday to Friday, students will learn the driver's manual in a way that is fun, engaging, and caters to all different learning styles.

The courses are accessible in person and via Zoom.

"We've gone through the entire manual, broke it down into PowerPoints. We're able to break it down, easy to read fonts, fun exercises throughout the week. We cover one to two chapters. We give multiple opportunities for breaks," Michelson told WBZ-TV.

Nineteen-year-old Adi Chunduru has autism and took the course last year. Despite working with NILP for years he believes this was the group's most beneficial program.

"I would say driving was the thing, the barrier, that they've helped me overcome. I think it did what it set up to do. Their goal is to help people with disabilities get to where they want to be," he explained.