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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Racial and Ethnic Disparities

In The Politics of Autism, I write about the experiences of different economicethnic and racial groups.   Inequality is a big part of the story

At JAMA Netw Open,  Bennett M. Liu and colleagues have an article titled "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Geographic Access to Autism Resources Across the US."

Key Points

Question  Do autistic children belonging to minoritized racial and ethnic groups have access to fewer autism resources than White autistic children in the US and, if so, where are these disparities most significant?

Findings  In this cross-sectional study involving 530 965 autistic children and 51 071 autism services in the US, analyses by core-based statistical area revealed that American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, and Hispanic or Latino autistic children had access to significantly fewer resources than White autistic children.

Meaning  These findings suggest that autistic children from minoritized racial and ethnic groups experience significant disparities in access to autism services, with certain core-based statistical areas having greater inequities than others, necessitating a prioritized response strategy to address these disparities.