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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Amy Schumer on Her Husband's Autism

 In The Politics of Autism, I discuss depictions of ASD in popular culture.  

Christy Pina at Hollywood Reporter:

Amy Schumer’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live touched on abortion access, the upcoming midterm elections and her husband’s autism spectrum disorder.

Schumer also discussed her husband, Chris Fischer’s, autism spectrum disorder, which used to be called Asperger’s until it was discovered that Dr. Hans Asperger had Nazi ties. “Kanye?” she joked, before going on to say that Fischer’s diagnosis has been really positive for their family.

“We understand so much more about his behavior,” she said. “And it’s given him so many tools like, now if somebody’s in the middle of a long, boring story, he will straight up just walk away. And when people find out that he has autism, like they don’t know much about it. They’re like, ‘Oh does he love to count? Should we drop a bunch of straws on the floor, and he can gather them and count them?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that sounds pretty fun.'”

See the clip starting around 3:42: