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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Carrying the Cross

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss the day-to-day challenges facing autistic people and their families, including discrimination.

Justin Reutter at The Pueblo Chieftain:
A southern Colorado man completed an arduous, nine-day journey from Aguilar to Pueblo Friday, walking along service roads on Interstate 25 with a 100-pound cross on his shoulder to bring awareness to the hardships faced by people with disabilities.

"I can't believe we made it," 73-year-old Andy Rybak said, panting to catch his breath as he set the cross down in front of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Pueblo, the final destination of the trip before heading home to Aguilar.

The cross, Rybak said, was a metaphor for the hardships those with developmental disabilities endure.

"The difficulties that disabled adults face are their own crosses," he said.

"This particular week is Holy Week, today is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter... Any cross that you bear, there's a solution to it if you make the effort to find the solution."