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Thursday, September 9, 2021

An Encounter in Glynn County, Georgia

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss interactions between police and autistic people.  Police officers and other first responders need training to respond appropriately.  When they do not, things get out of hand.   Unfortunately, there is practically no research on best practices for training programs.

 At WJXT-TV, Anne Maxwell reports:

Body camera footage released Tuesday shows Glynn County police tasing a man with autism who is nonverbal at least six times.

Police said officers were called around 8:30 Saturday night about a man walking in traffic. Callers said the man was carrying a weapon, screaming and hitting himself in the head near the Dollar General store on Stafford Avenue in Brunswick.

A spokesperson said the responding deputies didn’t know the man had autism when they arrived, but even after the man had dropped the metal object in his hand and people in the area shouted about his mental health condition, deputies continued to use force when he ignored calls to get on the ground.

CAUTION: The full video can be viewed here, but some might find the contents disturbing