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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Autistic Soldiers in Israel

In The Politics of Autism, I note that we need more study of how autistic people fare in other countries.

Lilach Shoval at Israel Hayom:

For the first time in its history, the Israeli Defence Forces opened its doors Wednesday for recruits on the autistic spectrum.

Fifty-three high-functioning Israelis joined the military following months of preparations that included working with experts, redesigning shoes and setting up tailor-made mentoring systems.

Having only been able to serve in the military's volunteer programs thus far, they no longer have to limit their service applications.

Besides providing these young people with opportunities that were denied to them in the past, the IDF also believes their skills would be an asset to the military in terms of cyber protection, quality assurance, system development, and other disciplines.

Seventy more autistic Israelis are expected to join the IDF in December, another 350 next year, and hopefully, another 500 annually from then on.

Unfortunately, the US Navy recently took an ROTC scholarship away from an applicant because of his autism.