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Sunday, December 27, 2020

"Avoid Chelating Products"

Amy Sharpe at The Daily Mirror:
Parents are using a US-made “detox spray” with side effects of “sickness, sweats and rashes” to treat autistic children.

Advanced TRS - which stands for Toxic Removal System - can be bought online in the UK for £57.50 a bottle.

Its UK website claims it removes toxins and heavy metals that contribute to “health problems, such as asthma, stroke, heart disease and developmental deficiencies”. It does not mention autism.

But dozens of parents told how they use it as an autism treatment - and claimed alleged side-effects show the detox works.

The theory that chelation - removal of heavy metals - alleviates autism has been discredited. Chelation itself has been linked to increased risks of organ damage.
Prof Richard Mills, of non-profit At-Autism, warned: “Parents should avoid chelating products.”

TRS is not advertised to treat autism on its UK website, but a US-based social media group for the product claims it can help “neurological, speech, sensory, gut, immune and behavioural issues” – traits in autistic people.