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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Autistic People on Resarch Priorities

 In The Politics of Autism, I discuss the sources of autism research funding -- including the Pentagon.

Laura Roche, Dawn Adams, and Megan Clark have an article at Autism titled "Research priorities of the autism community: A systematic review of key stakeholder perspectives."  The lay abstract:

It has become very important in autism research to ask the autistic community about what kinds of research they think should be done in order to improve the lives of people with autism. Many studies have reported on research goals from people within the autism community, such as parents of people on the autism spectrum, and practitioners and clinicians who support people on the autism spectrum. So far, the research goals from all of these studies have not been considered together, which is important so that all autism research can be working towards the same goals. We reviewed seven studies that looked at the priorities for autism research from key people within the autism community. Each of the reviewed studies are described according to (a) the types of people involved in the study, (b) the way the research goals from each group of people were identified, (c) the country where they were from and (d) the most common research goals from across all of the studies. Within these seven studies, research that will lead to real-world changes in the daily lives of the autism community and a greater focus on skill training for people with autism across their lives were found to be very important. From this review, we found that it is also very important to include a range of different people from the autism community when deciding what autism research goals should be focused on so that future research can be more helpful for the autism community.