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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Tracking ABA Therapists in Florida

The Politics of Autism includes an extensive discussion of insurance and the regulation of autism service providers.
Daylina Miller at WUSF-FM:

A state pilot program that uses GPS to track therapists who serve children on the autism spectrum is so fraught with problems that providers say they are having a hard time going to appointments and getting paid. 
The program is one of many changes that state officials made after discovering Medicaid fraud among providers in the applied behavior analysis, or ABA, therapy field two years ago.

The errors included an inability to log locations because of poor cellular connectivity or lack of access to WiFi, despite assurances that the app works via satellite; inaccurate billing codes; not allowing appointments to be logged for more than an hour; Tellus saying client addresses were invalid; and appointments showing as completed for future dates that hadn’t happened yet.