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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Seclusion in Illinois

In The Politics of Autismdiscuss the use of restraint and seclusionMany posts have mentioned these techniques, both in schools and facilities for people with disabilities.

Dusty Rhodes at Illinois Public Media:
The Illinois State Board of Education is encouraging anyone with information about abusive time-out rooms or restraints in any school setting to share that information directly with the agency. The request comes in the wake of a report earlier this week by the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica documenting thousands of instances of children, usually with special needs, placed in seclusion in their schools.
Kevin Rubenstein, president of a statewide group of special education administrators, told the board to expect to hear even more stories.
"You will hear about school districts that did not report data to the federal government. You will learn about how many issues there are in private special education facilities across the state. And we will hear story after story of families and children who are not being served well," he said.
Anyone with relevant information can send an email to
From the Pro Publica report:
Crystal Lake school employees have suggested to Kayla Siegmeier that her son, Carson, who has autism, might benefit from time in a “Blue Room,” she said.
“It turns out the Blue Room is a locked, padded room,” she said.
She read Illinois’ isolated timeout law and got a doctor’s note last year that prevented the school from secluding Carson, now a second grader. “Hard stop,” she said she told the school.