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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Good News: GoFundMe Cuts Off Antivax Appeals. Bad News: Michigan Measles

In The Politics of Autism, I look at the discredited notion that vaccines cause autism.  TwitterFacebook, and other social media platforms have helped spread this dangerous myth.

Anti-vaxxers have long used GoFundMe to raise money to spread their dangerous message—but now the site is cutting them off, The Daily Beast has learned.
“Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform,” spokesman Bobby Whithorne told The Daily Beast.
“We are conducting a thorough review and will remove any campaigns currently on the platform.”
It’s the latest crackdown on fact-challenged activists who believe the medical establishment, the government, and the pharmaceutical industry are engaged in a conspiracy to hurt American children.
The U.S. anti-vax movement has been blamed for two outbreaks of measles that have infected some 300 people—mostly children—in New York and the Pacific Northwest.

A release from Oakland County, Michigan:
The three measles cases under investigation in Thursday’s press release are now confirmed. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Oakland County Health Division confirmed the positive results today. This brings the total measles cases confirmed in Oakland County since March 13 to eight.“