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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Again: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

In The Politics of Autism, I look at the discredited notion that vaccines cause autism.

Autism mom Katie Joy writes at Patheos:
(If you have wondered if there is still a link between vaccines and autism, you can search the internet and find articles on both sides. The truth is the major publications, government and autism support networks all believe Autism and Vaccines do not correlate. Here are a few Articles for your pleasure:

Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism – CDC
New Meta Analysis Confirms: No Association Between Vaccines and Autism
Vaccine Myths Debunked
MMR Vaccine Does not Cause Autism
Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

The list above is from reputable sources. The government has done hundreds of studies and has looked at over 1.2 million children to try to see if this link exists. Everything that is found on their end and by private studies is there is no associated link between vaccines and autism.)

Before I had my son, I did watch a movie called “The Greater Good.” The documentary contained compelling anecdotes of parents in the documentary that believe that the MMR caused their child’s Autism.

If someone watching the movie has limited scientific knowledge, the film can easily persuade someone to believe the conspiracy theory. However, the documentary is nothing more than a fear-mongering, biased, anti-vaccine movie that pretends to be a balanced documentary. However, if you have a limited understanding of science, vaccines, or autism, the documentary could persuade you.


I encourage any new parent of a diagnosed child to research autism and vaccines. Go to sources that are reputable like the CDC or the National Institute of Health. You will find so much information that will help you understand Autism.

Understanding the disorder is the only way you can help your child. The more you know, the better you can prepare your child for the future.

Children with autism don’t need to be fixed or restored from ‘vaccine damage.’ Our children need patience, acceptance, and love. Vaccines did not cause my son’s autism. Nor do they cause any child’s autism.