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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tracking Devices: a Success Story

The Politics of Autism discusses the problem of wandering, which has been the topic of legislation.

WTEN-TV reports that Project Lifesaver helped save a boy in Upstate New York
Saratoga County Sheriff's deputies say around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon a 9-year-old boy living with Autism was reported missing.
Fortunately, the child is a member of the Sheriff’s Project Lifesaver Program and wears a transmitter bracelet.
Officers searched for about an hour before successfully tracking him down.
Program participants wear a transmitter bracelet which the Sheriff’s Office uses to locate the individual if they were to wander. In most cases, there is little to no cost to participates in the program.
If you have a family member with Autism, Alzheimer’s or any other condition and you are concerned that they may wander, please contact the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office to find out more about the program at (518)944-6288 email