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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Bad Encounter with Police

Two Graham police officers are under investigation after handcuffing and using a stun gun on a teenager with autism last week, according to a Facebook post by the Graham Police Department.
The 19-year-old's mother — who said she watched body camera footage of the incident twice — says police have omitted some information about what happened.
The incident started when officers were dispatched to an alley in the 900 block of Texas regarding a man — identified as Michael Moore by family members — who was reportedly throwing rocks at a house on June 26. The caller described the man as “not all there,” but that information was not passed onto the responding officer and his ride-along passenger — an off-duty jailer with the county, police said.
Moore's mom, Tracie Moore, said the video clearly shows her son was "put into a choke hold" and that's when the three of them fell. She said there's a broken vessel in his right eye and scratches on his body.
Moore calmed down, police said, and then directed them to where he lived.
However, Tracie Moore said the video shows that her son immediately told police he lived at the house near them, and asked to get his mother multiple times.
"The video shows Michael at the corner of our house and when he sees the officers, he walks to the officers," she told the Star-Telegram on Tuesday. "They proceed to ask him questions, his age, date of birth and where he lived. He stated within the first two minutes of that conversation, 'I live here,' pointing to our house. 'My mama is inside let me get my mom.' "
Tracie Moore says she didn't learn a stun gun was used on her son until the next day.