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Saturday, February 24, 2018

ASD College Students: The Accommodations That They Prefer

This 2-year study investigated the accommodations and support services preferred by college students with autism spectrum disorder using sequential mixed methods non-experimental survey and semi-structured follow-up interviews. Students with autism spectrum disorder reported using both academic and non-academic supports with frequency (e.g. extended time on exams, transition program), using academic supports in line with other disability populations, and using non-academic supports connecting them one-to-one with a faculty member or coach as preferred (e.g. academic coach, counselor, faculty mentor). Findings suggest a need for university disability service centers, counseling services, and faculty to work together to develop systematic support systems for college students with autism spectrum disorder.
From the article:
Extra time on tests. Student interview comments corroborate the finding that extra time on tests was the top rated accommodation overall (83%). One student reported that
the extra time allows for careful reading of test questions:
I would probably say extra time on tests. With a lot of things I know that I could complete a test in a certain amount of time, but I always like double checking with things, because I know with a lot of my tests with my professors they would try to trick you with the wording of the questions. That’s the main reason why I take slow with tests.