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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Skeptical View of DeVos

Steven Singer at Common Dreams:
The wealthy Republican mega-donor who bought her position as Secretary of Educationpublished an article in the current issue of Education Week called “Commentary: Tolerating Low Expectations for Students With Disabilities Must End.”
It was almost like she expected us all to forget who she actually is and her own sordid history with these kinds of children.
Up until now, the billionaire heiress and public school saboteur always put the needs of profitizers and privateers ahead of special needs children.
During her confirmation hearing, she refused to say whether she would hold private, parochial and charter schools receiving tax dollars to the same standard as public schools in regard to how they treat special education students. Once on the job, she rescinded 72 federal guidelines that had protected special education students.
Singer also mentions Neurocore, the shady "brain performance" outfit in which DeVos invested and for which she was a board member.