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Friday, July 14, 2017

HCBS Provision

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss Medicaid services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as other government programs at the federal and state levels.

Michelle Diament reports at Disability Scoop:
Tucked inside the latest version of the Senate bill, unveiled Thursday, is a proposal for a new waiver that states could apply to “for the purpose of continuing and/or improving home and community-based services.”
However, the waiver proposal, which would allow states to receive full federal funding for home and community-based services, is limited in scope. It would be available as a four-year demonstration project for just a handful of states and overall funding for the initiative would be capped at $8 billion total.
As NAACP leader Roy Wilkins once said of a weak civil right bill: the provision is a "soup made from the shadow of a thin chicken that had starved to death."