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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Insurance in South Carolina

The Politics of Autism includes an extensive discussion of insurance legislation in the states.

Ashleigh Holland reports at WIS-TV:
The parents of children with autism say their needs can fall through the cracks in South Carolina - especially if their families don't have the insurance coverage they need to pay for expensive treatments.
A bill in the State House now aims to expand insurance coverage for those with autism. Autism advocates are pushing for it to pass, but it has stalled in the House.
Rep. Nathan Ballentine (R- Richland) sponsors H. 3747 in hopes of adding more insurance coverage to the expansion passed 10 years ago, under Ryan's Law.
Ryan's Law required state employee insurance plans and fully-funded large group plans to fund treatment like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism.
The bill filed recently would further mandate people on small group plans, which is small-business insurance plans, and individual plans to be covered by insurance.

Autism Speaks advocate Lorri Unumb works with the nonprofit group to fight for better autism treatment coverage across the country. Unumb is also a parent and Ryan's Law is named after her son. He was diagnosed with autism at a young age. - Columbia, South Carolina