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Monday, August 22, 2016

Tracking Bracelets

The Politics of Autism discusses the problem of wandering, which is the topic of legislation before Congress.

New tracking bracelets are being rolled out at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department which will let deputies find residents – many with health problems – more quickly.
The bracelets are geared toward those with dementia or autism.
“Law enforcement officers have a soft spot in their heart when, over the radio, the call comes that a child is missing or has wandered off – or a vulnerable adult has,” said Tim Parcheta, a detective who manages the program at the sheriff’s department.
About a dozen residents are signed up already as Lexington County becomes the 21st agency in South Carolina – including Richland County – to use the bracelets.
 The tracking program, called Project Lifesaver, uses a bracelet the size of a wristwatch to emit a signal. Deputies can pinpoint the signal if they are within a mile of the bracelet, officials said.
This program has seen success in the Midlands,as Richland County deputies found an autistic teen who went missing in June.

From Autism Speaks: