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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Regulation and Kevin and Avonte's Law

The Politics of Autism discusses the problem of wandering, which is the topic of legislation before Congress.

Daniel Etcovitch writes at The Huffington Post about Kevin and Avonte's Law:
There’s an extra piece though: a bit of regulation of the technology comes along with making it available to more people. The bill calls for the Attorney General’s office, along with the Department of Health and Human Services, to devise best practices in relation to privacy and data collection for technologies that will track wandering children with developmental disabilities.
That’s the part of the discussion around Kevin and Avonte’s Law that is so amazing: it hasn’t been treated as controversial. Usually when the Attorney General’s office is given a mandate to develop practices for data collection, or is involved in regulating any kind of technology, there is uproar. Every relevant company, non-profit, and academic group chimes in. Debates erupt on forums, in the tech press, and in journals. That is just not happening with Kevin and Avonte’s Law.