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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is Kylo Ren on the Spectrum?

The Belfast Telegraph is carrying this story:
Star Wars villain Kylo Ren could be autistic, a prominent Labour MP said as she called for the world to “think differently” about the condition.
Jess Phillips told a Commons debate on World Autism Awareness Week that the character’s “teenage tantrum” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens could have been because the Death Star was “too noisy” and made him feel “stressed out”.
The Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley told the House that she spoke as a mother currently on the waiting list for a diagnosis as she called for employers to make it easier for autistic adults to access employment.
 "We concluded that perhaps he was autistic and just couldn't fit into the world he found himself in.
"Perhaps the new Death Star was just too noisy and made him feel stressed out.
"We thought he might wear the mask because he didn't like eye contact.
"I'm not sure it was the filmmaker's intentions but it softened us to him.