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Monday, April 11, 2016

Early Intervention in Utah

In The Politics of Autism, I discuss evaluation and diagnosis of young children.

Leslie Mouton reports at KSAT-TV:
Associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah, Deborah Bilder, MD, said, “Our scientific community has proven early intervention specific to autism can reduce the characteristics of autism that these children experience as they get older, can improve the ability of these kids to be in Mainstream settings.”

A new study co-authored by Bilder has paved the way for wider access to early intervention. And now, lawmakers, schools, and health departments see how effective the program is.

“I feel like these numbers help these decision-makers determine what they need to do to improve the health and outcomes of those they serve,” Bilder told Ivanhoe.
Already in Utah, one of the five states in the study, lawmakers have passed legislation improving early access and intervention for autistic children.

And now, there’s a statewide waiver for kids who get Medicaid to get free services.