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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Using Lottery Money to Fund Autism Research

In The Politics of Autism, I write about medical and scientific research.

Illinois Representative Dan Beiser (D-Alton) has just signed as chief cosponsor of a bill by Representative Dan Brady (R-Normal).

A release from Representative Beiser:
State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is sponsoring House Bill 4628 which would raise
money for research of Autism spectrum disorders through the Illinois Lottery. Beginning in January 2017, the bill would require the Department of the Lottery to create a scratch off game to benefit autism research by depositing revenue from the game into the Autism Research Fund.
“Funding research for Autism spectrum disorders is very important,” said Beiser. “One in every 50 children is diagnosed with Autism. This bill is important because not only will it establish the Autism Research Fund, but it will ensure that through the lottery there will be a steady flow of funding that can only be used for Autism research.”

Money that is deposited into the Autism Research Fund through the lottery will be used by the Department of Public Health to not only conduct research for Autism spectrum disorders, but also help to conduct investigations, experimentation and help to create more viable treatment options for those living with Autism.

“There are currently different treatment and therapy programs for people living with Autism, however many in the state of Illinois are being impacted by the budget impasse,” continued Beiser. “House Bill 4628 will ensure that there will always be funds available for the Department of Public Health to use to conduct research to help create more treatment options for those living with an Autism spectrum disorder.”
In addition to his support of Autism research, Beiser has repeatedly supported efforts to fund programs, such as The Autism Project, which help families impacted by Autism.
For more information, please contact Beiser’s constituent services office at 618-465-5900 or