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Monday, February 8, 2016

Proposed Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board

The Politics of Autism includes an extensive discussion of policy initiatives in the states.

A previous post discussed New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) and his Autism Action Plan.

Here is a recent bill by Mr. Santabarbara:

                STATE OF NEW YORK


                               2015-2016 Regular Sessions

                   IN ASSEMBLY

                                    December 23, 2015

        Introduced  by  M.  of  A. SANTABARBARA -- read once and referred to the
          Committee on Health

        AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to  establishing  the
          autism spectrum disorders plan

          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:

     1    Section 1. The public health law is amended by adding  a  new  article
     2  27-L to read as follows:
     3                                ARTICLE 27-L
     4                          AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS
     5  Section 2799-v. Autism spectrum disorders program.
     6          2799-w. Functions, powers and duties of the department.
     7          2799-x. Autism spectrum disorders advisory board.
     8    § 2799-v. Autism spectrum disorders program. The department shall have
     9  the  central  responsibility  for  administering  the provisions of this
    10  article and otherwise coordinating the state's policies with respect  to
    11  autism  spectrum  disorders,  in consultation with the office for people
    12  with developmental  disabilities,  the  office  of  mental  health,  the

    13  department  of  education,  the office of alcoholism and substance abuse
    14  services, the department of family assistance, the office of  the  advo-
    15  cate for persons with disabilities and the commission on quality of care
    16  for the mentally disabled.
    17    §  2799-w. Functions, powers and duties of the department. The depart-
    18  ment shall have the following functions and duties:
    19    1. to develop, implement, monitor, and  annually  update  a  statewide
    20  autism spectrum disorders program which shall provide for comprehensive,
    21  lifespan  supports  to  individuals  with  autism spectrum disorders and
    22  their families through access to information and resources, coordination
    23  of services, and implementation of evidence-based practices;

    24    2. to furnish the governor, the temporary president of the senate, and
    25  the speaker of the assembly with  the  annually  updated  plan  required

         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.
        A. 8635                             2

     1  pursuant  to  subdivision  one  of this section no later than sixty days
     2  after the close of each fiscal year;
     3    3. to accept and expend any grants, awards of other funds or appropri-
     4  ations as may be available for these purposes, subject to limitations as
     5  to the approval of expenditures and audits as prescribed for state funds

     6  by the state finance law; and
     7    4.  to the extent feasible, utilize existing organizations with demon-
     8  strated interest and expertise in serving persons with  autism  spectrum
     9  disorders  and  shall, within funds available, enter into contracts with
    10  such organizations.
    11    § 2799-x. Autism spectrum disorders advisory board. 1. There is hereby
    12  established within the department the autism spectrum disorders advisory
    13  board.
    14    2. Such board will consist of nineteen members, ten of whom  shall  be
    15  appointed  and nine of whom shall serve ex officio. Of the ten appointed
    16  members, two shall be appointed by the governor, two shall be  appointed
    17  by  the temporary president of the senate, two shall be appointed by the

    18  speaker of the assembly, two shall be appointed by the  minority  leader
    19  of  the  senate and two shall be appointed by the minority leader of the
    20  assembly. Of the two members appointed by each appointing authority, one
    21  member shall have expertise of work as a professional in  the  field  of
    22  autism and one member shall be a family advocate or self-advocate in the
    23  community  that such advocate resides. A representative from each of the
    24  following state agencies shall serve ex officio: the office  for  people
    25  with developmental disabilities; the department of education; the office
    26  of  mental  health;  the  office  of  children  and family services; the
    27  department; the commission on quality of care and advocacy  for  persons

    28  with  disabilities;  the  developmental planning council; the council on
    29  children and family services; and the office of  vocational  and  educa-
    30  tional  services  for  individuals with disabilities.   The chair of the
    31  board shall be selected by the governor.
    32    3. Members of the board shall serve at the pleasure of the  appointing
    33  authority.  Vacancies on the board shall be filled in the same manner as
    34  the original appointment. Members of the board shall receive no  compen-
    35  sation,  but  shall  be  reimbursed  for  actual  and necessary expenses
    36  incurred in the performance of their duties within amounts  appropriated
    37  therefor.
    38    4.  Such  board shall meet at least quarterly. Special meetings may be

    39  called by the chair. The agenda and meeting  place  of  all  regular  or
    40  special  meetings  shall  be  made available to the public in advance of
    41  such meetings.

    42    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately.