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Monday, February 15, 2016

Iowa Mandate Legislation

The Politics of Autism includes an extensive discussion of insurance legislation in the states.

Erin Murphy reports at The Quad City Times:
Coverage of autism services would be required in insurance plans offered by some large businesses under legislation that advanced Wednesday in the Iowa Senate.

The legislation would add required behavioral analysis coverage for autistic Iowans who are not already covered by Medicaid or the state employees’ health care plan, which covers autism services.

Maria Valdovinos, a certified behavioral analyst from Des Moines who teaches at Drake University, testified Wednesday at a subcommittee hearing at the Capitol that for autism patients, access to behavioral analysis services is “necessary and so important.”

Roughly 3,000 Iowans receive autism services through the state health insurance plan, a Department of Human Services official said at Wednesday’s hearing.
Michelle Schoening reports at KTIV-TV:
The debate over insurance companies covering medical treatment for those with autism continues in Iowa.

A bill in 2010 gave Iowa state employees insurance coverage for autism treatments but not for every family.
A new bill proposed in the Iowa House and Senate will provide coverage for more than 1 million Iowa families affected by autism.


A proposed bill in the Iowa Legislature would require all insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment plan for those with autism under the age of 22.
A co-sponsor of the bill said it's all about providing equal coverage for Iowa families.

"Expanding to allow everyone that type of coverage it would just be a matter of fairness," said Rep. Dave Dawson.
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