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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vaccines, Autism, and the Huffington Post

The healthy living editor for The Huffington Post reacted to the CNN GOP debate by criticizing Donald Trump and others for “peddling dangerous and bad ideas about health,” because of their remarks about vaccinations.

Criticism of “anti-vaccination” stances is rich coming from Huffington Post, which has repeatedly been a platform for anti-vaxxer opinions including actor Jim Carrey’s. In 2009, Carrey insisted that there was still uncertainty about the safety of vaccinations. Over the years, others also stoked fear about vaccination safety including David Kirby, Dr. Bob Sears and comedian Bill Maher
See also Huff Poi tems by Kirby  Jenny McCarthy, and RFK, Jr.

To its credit, however, the Huff Po has also run many responsible articles on autism.