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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Putin, Again

At Ozy and the Huffington Post, Sean Braswell writes:
Despite the benefits and the aura of mystery surrounding him, Putin’s daily routine as a one-man brand, by some accounts, is rather pedestrian. Divorced, with two grown daughters, he lives a regimented existence of swimming, weight lifting, briefings, appearances and pre-written speeches; a cocoon in which others speak in hushed tones and never laugh in his presence and all food must be prepared by his own chefs to avoid poisoning. The 62-year-old president loves ice hockey and animals, but is usually distant. Pentagon analysts think he has Asperger’s, a form of autism. Perhaps he’s just bored or tired. “He looks emotionless, as if nothing really touches him,” one former interpreter told Newsweek. “As if he is worn out … [and] has spent so long as an icon he is not used to anyone penetrating.”
An earlier post quoted a piece in which political scientist and autism dad Mark Schrad demolished the Pentagon speculation.  Short form:  Russian leaders -- especially those from a KGB background -- tend to be a bit standoffish.