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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Oils and Accommodation in Florida

Sheli Muniz reports at WKMG in Orlando:
A Central Florida mom has won a battle with a Lake County School which once threatened to suspend her son because of the essential oils she uses to treat his autism.

[MORE: Local 6 talks with mom, son ]
The company who makes the essential oils describes them as being "beautifully and powerfully fragrant." The family uses oils with scents like lavender, chamomile and sandalwood.
"These are the three he gets in the morning. We put it behind his ears and on his neck," said Jessica Kemp, as she showed Local 6 the oils.
Logan Kemp, 5, will tell you that he loves Seminole Springs Elementary School, but his mother said this week the Eustis school threatened to suspend the kindergartner over the essential oils. Kemp said the oils help Logan's behavior issues that come with his autism.
"Why is it not OK? Nobody is telling me. I'm just being told that he smells," said Kemp.
The family has been using them all school year. Kemp said a teacher's aide once complained about it, but never any students.