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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Falling Through the Cracks

In Ellensburg, Washington, The Daily Record reports on autism mom Michelle Williams and the transition to adulthood:
Williams said after her son Gerik graduates from Kittitas High School at age 21, whether he lives at home or in his own apartment, he will need 24-hour care. He will receive assistance from the state Developmental Disabilities Administration, or DDA, which is part of the state Department of Health and Human Services.

The DDA will work with Gerik and his parents on his job, personal and housing supports for when he graduates.

The public school system supports autistic and other special needs adults through age 21. DDA service for adults doesn’t start until age 21. If an autistic adult leaves school before age 21, it creates a gap in service leaving families and caregivers to handle things on their own, Williams said.

“We are lucky Gerik is a DDA client,” Williams wrote. “There are some supports, although limited, available through DDA to help him in his future. I worry about people who are not eligible for DDA. These people fall through the cracks.”