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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trump on the Vaccine Schedule

On Wednesday, Donald Trump was a guest on Hugh Hewitt's radio program:
HH: And it goes to a tweet that you put out. I love the fact that you tweet your own stuff. You wrote massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for a big increase in autism. Spread shots over a long period, and watch positive result. Do you stand by that, Donald Trump?
DT: Okay, I do, and let me explain it real quickly. I am a total believer in getting the shots and having it done, and I am a total believer, 100%, nobody a bigger believer. What I don’t like seeing is that 20 pound little baby going in and having this one massive inoculation with all of these things combined. I’d like it spread over, because look, our autism rate is at a level that it’s never been. Nobody’s ever, you know, in the old days, you didn’t even hear about autism, and now it’s at a level that’s so high, especially in boys, but so high that nobody can even believe it. What I’m saying is 100% I want to see it happen. I want everybody, but it should be spread over. Smaller doses over a longer period of time. So spread it out over a year. There’s no harm in that, and I believe autism will go way down.
HH: So you’re saying there’s a causal connection…
DT: I totally believe, but I would like to see it spread out and in smaller doses.
HH: So you believe there’s a causal connection between vaccines and autism?
DT: Well, a lot of people do. I mean, there are many people that do. And I know at least two people, one of them who works in the building that I’m in right now, a beautiful woman, has a child. The child is 100% healthy, takes the child, who was I think around a year and a half or two years old to get the shot, gets this massive shot of fluid pumped into the baby’s body, and a few days later, catches a fever, and all of a sudden, is severely autistic. And many people, many people have had that experience, Hugh. And I will tell you, on Twitter and on Facebook, where you know, so many people, I feel, it’s sort of interesting, because I get so much response, people are praying for me that I at least say that. So I totally believe in the shot. I totally believe that you should be vaccinated. But let them spread it out over a little period of time. You can’t pump that, because have you ever seen the size of these inoculations? You can’t pump that much fluid into a little baby’s body. And I think it’s having an effect. And I know of at least two cases in my, but many people say the same thing happened to me where their child is totally healthy. They get pumped up with this huge pile of liquid, with many, many different vaccines, and their child turns out to be autistic after it. And all I’m saying is spread it out in smaller doses over a longer period of time.
The Los Angeles Times reports:
"The idea of overloading the immune system is a false concept," said Dr. James Cherry, a UCLA research professor and primary editor of the Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. "It's absolute misinformation."

In fact, the body reacts to a bacterial infection to the throat far more aggressively than it does to the measles vaccine. The body needs to develop roughly 3,000 antibodies to counteract the 3,000 proteins in a typical strep throat.
The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, known as MMR, has only about 40 proteins, so the body needs to develop only 40 antibodies to handle the vaccine, from which it learns how to keep the body healthy from measles, mumps and rubella.
Why is a delayed immunization schedule harmful?
Delaying vaccines puts a child at greater risk of contracting diseases that can cause severe illness or death, experts said.