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Monday, January 5, 2015

Achievement Levels in a Standardized Test

Christina Samuels reports at Education Week:
Most students with individualized education programs scored in the lowest achievement level on the field tests administered last spring by the Smarter Balanced Achievement Consortium, according to data released by the test-development organization.
The range of students with IEPs scoring at level 1, the lowest of four levels on the test, ranged from 61 percent in 4th grade math to 77 percent in 7th grade English/language arts. In comparison, 27 percent of all students scored at the lowest level in 4th grade math, and 34 percent of all students scored at the lowest level in 7th grade English/language arts.
Students with disabilities performed best in 3rd grade math, where 18 percent scored at level 3 or above, indicating they are proficient in the skills and knowledge for their grade. For all students, 39 percent were able to clear that bar.

The report results were first published on the website of the Advocacy Institute, a nonprofit organization that closely tracks educational issues related to children with disabilities. They were released by Smarter Balanced on Dec. 22. The tests will be fully implemented by 2014-15.