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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


At The Huffington Post, Linda Mastroianni says that genetic research is fine but might not be the most urgent priority:
This research will hopefully benefit and improve the lives of the next generation but it will definitely not ameliorate the lives of children that are waiting to be evaluated for a possible Autism diagnosis or the kids that have been on a waiting list for an early intervention program, nor will it help the young adults that are aging out of the school system with no available work programs or resources waiting for them afterwards.
As important as research is, I truly don't believe this should be the number one priority when discussing how to improve the lives of people with autism. 
How is research helping the autistic individuals living in our society today? The ones that are stigmatized for who they are; the children who are on waiting lists for government funded therapy that unfortunately never comes and whose parents are forced to go privately, depleting finances at an astounding rate.